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How do I make a Hanging Indent in a Word Document?

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There are THREE WAYS that you can make a Hanging Indent in your paper:


1. Go to View > Ruler so the ruler is visible.

2. Highlight the text for which you want to create a hanging indent.

3. Move the blue markers in the ruler to the right about half an inch.

4. Then move the top blue bar marker to the left margin (as shown below).

5. To apply the hanging indent formatting to other sections of your document, click in a hanging indent that you've set. Then click on the paint roller icon in the menu bar. Then click on the section that you want to apply the formatting to. The formatting will be pasted and applied to that text.


1. Highlight the text you wish to make in hanging indent style.

2. Right click on the highlighted text.

3. Select Paragraph.

4. Under Indentation, choose Hanging, under Special.


1. Put your cursor in front of the sentence you want to have a hanging indent.

2. Do Control + T and it should do a hanging indent for that sentence/citation.